George Gordon's School of Law

This is the only authorized site for George Gordon's original school still at the farm in Isabella, Missouri since 1984, and still at the original phone number.

Obituaries of George Gordon and Dirk

George Gordon

George Gordon of Isabella, Mo died in his wife's arms at his farm August 30 and was buried that same day in the family cemetery on the farm.

He was born in Fortuna, CA 75 years ago to Winton and Evelyn Chase Gordon. He attended schools in Ferndale and Eureka, CA. George, an original California cowboy, attributed his work ethics to the years of newspaper delivery in Eureka and ranching on horseback in and around Ferndale.

George, an entrepreneur, piloted his own plane at the age of 18 and created a construction company specializing in the restoration of San Francisco's "painted ladies."

When he moved to Boise, Idaho, George started a furniture factory and designed and manufactured bedroom furniture which was sold nationwide. In 1982 disgusted with "Big Brother" encroaching on his business, he educated himself and others on law and courtroom procedure, and established a law school in Boise, Barristers Inn, which name was changed to George Gordon's School of Common Law when he moved to Isabella, Mo in 1984 following his patriarchal marriage to Jacqueline.

He won legal cases in the Federal District 9th Circuit Court and the Supreme Court all based on religious free exercise. The scriptures both Old and New Testaments are the law of his life and death.

His students and attendees have included people from Australia, New Zealand, Ukraine, Canada, Ireland and all 50 states all of whom traveled to and stayed in Isabella.

He is survived by his wife and business partner of 30 years Jackie, whom he loved dearly; by his 5 children; granddaughters Jillianne of Garden City, MO, and Kohl and great granddaughters Ruth and Faith of Cheney, WA.

Proceeding him in death was his legal partner and beloved step-son Dirk DeJong and the family's special friend U.S Representive Helen Chenowith. A memorial service will be held in Isabella during the feast of Tabernacles in October for both Dirk and George.

Dirk Gordon

A graveside service was held for Dirk at the family farm March 7, 2014 in Isabella, MO. Dirk died in his sleep of natural causes on March 6, 2014. He was a lifelong resident of the Ozarks and of Isabella since 1968.

Dirk attended Lutie and Gainesville schools, St. Pauls of Concordia, Mizzou in Columbia and School of the Ozarks. He was Ozark County's first National Merit Scholar winner. Dirk was an avid photographer and winner of awards, and a law school instructor working right up to the time of his death.

He is survived by George and Jacqueline Gordon; four nieces he helped raise and home school; Kohl Gordon Conner and her girls Ruth and Faith; his brother Thor Eric Downing.

Dirk, a tall thin kindly gentleman was a Hebrew and followed the laws of both old and new testaments, observing Passover, the feast of Tabernacles and annual Holy Days on the family farm with other Hebrews. He is greatly missed by all who were touched by his intellectual kindness.

Burial was on the family farm, Isabella, under Wilkinson Knob, which was his wish.