George Gordon's School of Law

This is the only authorized site for George Gordon's original school still at the farm in Isabella, Missouri since 1984, and still at the original phone number.

Story Time

When George was injured by being crushed by a large round bale of hay in December of 2013, I encouraged him to make another school comprised of his "Story Times", his stories with a moral ending that he usually began with, "Gather around Boys and Girls". His crushed chest and his oxygen tube sometimes made it difficult for him to record, but he carefully recorded this set.

The greatest teacher, bar none, taught in parables; this set of "parables" teaches a moral lesson, a legal tenet per story in a very easy to remember and understandable format.

Story time is entertaining, teachable to use in any study group, Bible, legal or constitutional; very few of these stories are in the radio archives.

Once you've heard the, "Pigs of the Okefenokee Swamp", you'll hesitate at each downward step in the fall to communism/socialism this country is providing for its citizens. It's so easy, just like the Pigs - and they never suspected the trap.

This story time comes on DVD in MP3 format containing over 200 stories. George used these "Tales" to get groups he was speaking to in a thoughtful and receptive mode and mood; It worked then and it will work now for you, and family, friends and associates, where ever they're used

Story time is George Gordons last work product and has never been offered before 2021.

The price is a negotiable 1 oz. $50 U.S. gold coin or Silver dollars; call us for a firm and equitable price.